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Ok now I am going to bore you about the humble Lpg gas hose for either propane or butane on your Motorhome or Caravan.Its the red or black flexible hose that connects your gas bottle to the bulk head regulator or feeds directly into your caravan or motorhome.I think the bulk head regulator was introduced on campers from about 2004.

Types of  LPG Gas Hoses

Flexible LPG Gas Hose

LPG Gas Hose


Here you have a flexible gas hose where the Motorhome does not have a bulk head regulator (pre 2004 motorhome) and connects directly into your camper.LPG Gas hoses used outside can be affected from the sun so try and check them regularly for any cracks and wear and tear.

When ever we are doing an Habitation check on any of our Motorhomes we tend to replace them.


Details on LPG Gas Hose

Date and BS Number on LPG Flexi hose

Changing an LPG Gas Hose

LPG Gas hoses should be changed every five years,the date is shown on the hose (Pictured opposite far right side numbers 06/14).

You should not have a length of more than 1 metre usually 600 to 800 mm should be ok,enough to stop any strain on fittings or movement.

Pigtail LPG Gas Hoses

LPG Gas Hose

LPG Gas Hose to bulk head

Here we see the pigtail gas hose connecting to a bulk head regulator which on average are 450 mm.

The date again is marked on the lpg gas hose and should be changed every five years.

Keep a look out for any where or tear and cracks,again we tend to change them on our habitation checks.

Below an LPG Gas Hose which is far too long.(we will be changing this)

Orange lpg gas hose

LPG Gas Hose is far to long



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