Nuevo Auto Sleeper

 Nuevo Auto Sleeper

We are going to have a look at the Nuevo Auto sleeper Motorhome.

Auto Sleeper Nuevo 2007 Peugeot

Nuevo by autosleeper

 The Nuevo Auto sleeper  is quite a compact and nice looking little  campervan from the outside.Its based on  the Peugeot (why is it every  time I write peugeot it  never looks right)  Boxer  short wheel based with a  2.2  Litre HDi engine.They started this camper with the new front shape  from about 2006.On the drivers side you have the external gas  locker,fresh water filler,mains hook up point and cassette toilet with a  seperate filler   for the toilet.Also the fresh water drain off tap is located by  the gas locker and waste water drain off tap is behind the back back  wheel.

Nuevo Specifications

Auto Sleeper Nuevo

Auto Sleeper Nuevo

Length     5.63m / 18ft 6 “

 Width      2.24m /  7ft 4 “

 Height      2.82m /  9ft 3″

 Berth         4

 Weight      3300 kg



 The habitation door  is on the passenger side towards the rear.

Kitchen in the Auto sleeper Nuevo

Kitchen by the habitation door of the nuevo.

wash room of the nuevo

shower and toilet of the nuevo

On entering the Nuevo you are greeted with the kitchen area with hobs grill and oven,and next to this is the washroom which can be turned to a shower .

Nuevo Interior

Layout of the Autosleeper Nuevo

seating and layout of the auto sleeper


Two forward facing seats are ideal when travelling with seat belts.Both the passenger and driver seats swivel around making the most room out of the motorhome.The driver side forward facing seat houses the leisure battery and hot water drain off.Making up the bed is a little bit like doing a jigsaw but once mastered it becomes a very comfy sleeping area.Hot water and heating is supplied by a truma gas and electric system.



Autosleeper Nuevo

over bed cab in autosleeper nuevo

inside the nuevo looking at the over cab bed.

The nuevo  reminds me of the of the old Autohomes Wanderer.This a compact motorhome giving you everything you need the control panel is by the habitation door and has an all round nice finish.The over cab bed is on the small side and having to work around drawers to get at the heater and pump are a pain,but then that is me being picky.

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