Water Filler Cap

Hi folks I am going to talk about water filler caps on Motorhomes.

When we are checking Motorhomes off,the fresh water filler cap are a pain,I would say one in three campervans we are checking off I have trouble with the fresh water filler cap.Sometimes they lock then they do not,they are stiff to put on or take off.I think they are made from a cheap plastic and been exposed to the elements and some motorhomes do not move very often and stay in one place.(the sun is a powerful creature).We all have a tendency to yank them on and off and shove the key in because it is a chore putting fresh water into the motorhome when you want a cup of tea all because the wife has used all the water having a shower.You really should have a lockable fresh water filler cap has it stops water contamination,I have never know it to happen on campsites.There really are some idiots about and your motorhome is not only just parked on a camp site.We never let a motorhome go out with out a lockable cap on it,we either put a new one one or try the tip I have given you below.

TIP – Water Filler Cap – TIP

If you are having trouble with it locking,put the filler cap into a cup of hot water for five or ten minutes.Trust me it works,well most of the time.I think what it does is revitalises the plastic I do not know why.The nibs inside do get brittle and break too.If it keeps playing up then bite the bullet and buy a new one, but give it a go first.You can buy ours by clicking here   Water filler caps

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